L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo

Loreal Ever Pure Shampoo and Hair Sheet Mask

Hi everyone! So in this post I’m going to be reviewing L’oreal’s EverPure Sulfate Free Moisture Shampoo! I’ve already reviewed the hair sheet mask on my Instagram post linked here.

To start off, I did receive this product from Influenster complimentary for testing. When I first got the box, I was BEYOND excited to try everything out and ended up using the shampoo and sheet mast on the day I received it, and the experience was amazingggg. I actually ended up purchasing another sheet mask because my hair reacted so well to it. It left my locks feeling smooth and frizz free for about 36-48 hrs without any additional products.

For the shampoo, I actually ended up using it for the full month of February in order to see how it would treat my hair long-term. And being completely honest, I didn’t notice much of a difference compared to previous shampoos I’ve used (before receiving my complimentary products, I was using SheaMoisture.)

Before using the shampoo, my thoughts (expectations) were: “Please tame my baby hairs, please tame my baby hairs, please tame my baby hairs” because my baby hairs around my face go CRAZY. Especially when it’s humid outside here in NY. Then, my first impression after using the shampoo was that it smelled good, which is super important to me. And again, after that first wash, I was extremely impressed. But looking back, I believe that was because I had used the shampoo WITH the sheet mask. Afterwards, while just using the shampoo, I didn’t really notice any improvement regarding split ends and I didn’t notice my hair being as frizz free/smooth as the first time.

In L’oreal’s defense, I probably should have bought the correlating conditioner to use along with it, but since I had only received the shampoo and sheet mask, that’s all I wanted to review. Sometimes I would use the shampoo with my SheaMoisture (coconut and hibiscus) conditioner, and sometimes I didn’t use conditioner (just to see how the shampoo was on its own.)

Overall, I think the shampoo is great. It’s a vegan, sulfate-free, paraben-free, safer alternative to regular shampoos. It’s affordable, and it definitely does the job, leaving my hair feeling fresh and clean with no excess build up. It lathers up really well, and a little goes quite a long way depending on how long your hair is. I rate the shampoo a 7/10, reason being that I would def buy it again if I ever need something that I can trust and that I know will do the job. However, I’m deducting points because I wish it would help reduce frizz a bit better on its own. Again, in L’oreal’s defense, I think using the matching conditioner would help with frizz reduction completely.

I hope this helps anyone who was considering getting the shampoo! My family and I have been using L’oreal for longest time (especially their moisturizer) and I strongly believe their products are affordable, quality products. Maybe I’ll review the shampoo/conditioner combo next! But anyway, thanks for reading guys! Let me know if you’ve tried this shampoo as well and what you think about it in the comments!




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