How To Dye Your Hair with Lush Caca Noir and Caca Marron

So Lush sells 2 products called “Caca Noir” and “Caca Marron” which are natural hair dyes made out of Henna. I’ll copy and paste a link to the products at the bottom so you can look at them and see what they are made of. My hair on the left was bleached blonde back in January (I had it silver/lilac at first) and I missed having brown hair. I’ve dyed my hair red before with henna that I bought from an Indian store. So when I realized that Lush was selling henna, I decided to give it a try. The picture in the middle was after the first time I dyed it with my Noir & Marron mix. Then the picture on the right is after the 2nd try. In the end, I loved the results.

So what I did was:

1. I bought Caca Noir and Caca Marron. They each come with six squares that are 2 in x 2 in each. (links are below)

2. The first time I dyed my hair I added 2.5 of the Caca Noir squares with one of the Caca Marron squares. I chopped those into tinier pieces to make it easier to mix.

3. I heated about a cup of water in the microwave for a minute and once the water was hot, I added about 1/2 cup of instant coffee.

4. I slowly added the water to the mixture (so that way I wouldn’t make a mess) and mixed the henna until it was like cake batter. (You can heat up more water/instant coffee, if needed. Just make sure it’s smooth and has the consistency of cake batter.)

5. Once I mixed it all together, I put on an old t-shirt, put some gloves on, and parted my hair so that it would be easier to evenly put the henna on. Then I started applying.

6. Make sure you cover your head completely. Depending on the length of your hair, you might need to make more henna mixture. I realized halfway through that I had barely made enough to completely cover my head.

7. Once all of my hair was covered with henna, I saran wrapped my head and waited about 2 hours.

8. After 2 hours, I jumped into the shower, took the saran wrap off, and washed off the henna from my hair (and made a mess). The result is the middle picture shown at the top.

The second time around, I basically did the same exact thing. The only difference is that I mixed 3 of the Caca Noir Squares and 2 of the Caca Marron squares together, and also added a bit more water so that the mixture was a tiny bit thinner than cake batter. I also kept the henna on for about 4 hours instead of 2.



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